Coach's Corner & Practice Drills

ToDo List: Start of Season

  • Get your player names and numbers in to your convenor. The refs need these ASAP to track penalties!
  • Confirm with the parents the player surname for their sweaters.
  • Make sure you contact Tony if you have any equipment issues at:
  • Get your $40 cheque into your Head Coach for Volunteer Appreciation night, which is in November. (Remember, it's only cashed if you DON'T show).
  • Make sure the kids are having fun...
  • Click here to review the SSHA Guidelines for Coaches
  • Provide your driver's license and other government ID for the Police Record Check (PRC).
  • Please review all the key points below! Also, you are expected to be at the coaches on-ice training sessions in September, especially if you are a new coach! Your Head Coach will contact you in early September.

ToDo List: End of Season

Year-End Party Expenses

When submitting your year-end party expenses, fill out the form below and attach it as well as your receipts and send to

Always remember what Stanley Stick is about:

  • An educational hockey program; focusing on skills development rather than on competition and winning
  • Teaching personal integrity, respect for others, fair play, good sportsmanship
  • Encouraging high standards of personal discipline in moral conduct, physical fitness, emotional self control, academic commitment, team play
  • Challenging and encouraging our youth to win with humility and to lose with dignity
  • Fun in the game of hockey

These are among the objectives with which Stanley Stick was founded as written in our constitution and bylaws.

Also from our bylaws please remember:

  • The score will not be displayed during the game being played
  • Penalties are strictly assessed and coaches are responsible for additional player discipline when poor sportsmanship is displayed
  • No active GMHA players will be allowed to simultaneously register in SSHA
  • The head coach is responsible to ensure equal ice time for all players and to rotate the goalie. No player shall be a regular goalie, unless no other players wish to go in net

Also please note:

  • No SSHA team at any level will be allowed to enter tournaments or be permitted to play in any other games than are designated in the master schedule
  • If a coach wished to organize additional ice time for his team, this may be allowed with the permission of the President to be obtained in advance of the scheduled time
  • These rules are to ensure equal opportunity for all teams and to comply with strict insurance and liability issues

It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to ensure that all assistants and helpers observe these principles.