SSHA Hockey Rules

In general, the SSHA adheres to the official rules of the Canadian Hockey Association, with the following additions:

Off-side pass rule deleted

The CHA has done away with the off-side pass rule as of fall 2004. Players may now pass from their defending zone to a teammate who is beyond the centre red line.

Body checking

Body checking is prohibited in all levels of SSHA hockey.

Slap shots

  • A slap shots are defined as a shot taken with the stick initially raised to the height of the knee or higher.
  • Slap shots are prohibited in all levels of SSHA hockey. When a slap shot is taken, play shall be stopped and a face-off shall be conducted.
  • If a player of the attacking team takes a slap shot, the face-off shall take place in the neutral zone.
  • "Clearing" slap shots, intended to move the puck down the ice and not directed at a player, may be permitted at the discretion of the referee.

Three or more penalties in one game

  • Any player who is assessed his or her third penalty of the game shall be ejected from the game.
  • The ejected player shall be permitted to play in subsequent games unless prohibited by the application of other penalties such as misconduct, game misconduct, gross misconduct or match penalties.

Time clock - posting of score

The score shall not be posted on the scoreboard in any division of SSHA hockey

Note: Although SSHA referees have been trained, most by the OMHA, all of our officials are volunteers. Please treat them with the respect they deserve.

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