Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I am registered but have not yet heard from my head coach?

If you are registered in Stanley Stick for the upcoming season, you will be contacted in mid to late September by your head coach regarding your first game. If you have not been contacted, please contact the convenor of your child's division. Click here for the complete list of convenor names and divisions.

What makes SSHA different?

There are many things that make Stanley Stick different. We focus on fun and fair play in all age groups. We focus on skill development but we do not focus on winning. SSHA does not keep any competitive statistics. We focus on respect - for ourselves, for our opponents, for the officials and for coaches and everyone involved. The league is non-contact and no slap shot in all ages to minimize the risk of injury. The league is operated entirely by volunteers and without office space to minimize the cost and thereby maximize the accessibility to good, fun sports for all. To keep the league sustainable with volunteers, we do control the size of the league to manage and simplify all aspects of administration.

What are the age groups for Stanley Stick Hockey?

These are the age ranges and birth years for the various divisions within Stanley Stick:

Age is determined by year of birth only. 

What equipment is required to play?

Full Hockey equipment is required for LTS and for all Hockey divisions: Athletic cup / support, shin pads, socks with support, pants, skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, CSA approved helmet with face shield and BNQ approved neck guard. Mouth guard is optional but recommended - must be tethered or custom fitted. Jerseys are provided by the league. Goalie equipment is provided for each team by the league.

Where can I buy equipment?

We sometimes organize equipment swap events and we usually post these on our website and Facebook. Otherwise the Hockey Shop - Source for Sports is one of our sponsors and is recommended as an excellent place to get properly fitted. Most other sports stores also sell the equipment required.

How do I properly fit a pair of skates?

Skate sizes are not the same as shoe sizes! Skates typically fit one size smaller - ie I wear a size 10 shoe and a size 9 skate. With the skate laces loose - really loose (or removed) put your foot into the skates and push your foot forward to touch (just touch) the front of the boot. While standing in the skate with the toes just touching the front, you should be able to insert no more than one index finger between the back of the foot and the back of the boot - if you can get in two fingers they are too big - if one finger is tight that is ok as long as it feels comfortable when laced up and walking around. Remember skates also come in different widths - measure your child's foot for width fitting or base on experience - this is important to avoid blisters in the instep.

What is the proper length for a Hockey stick?

With the player standing - wearing skates - holding the stick straight in front of the player - blade at your toes, front tip touching the floor - the stick should come no higher than the chin. Any taller and the blade will not rest properly on the ice. A bit shorter is ok.

How does Stanley Stick registration work?

Players who are in the league in the current year get first opportunity to register for the following year in our "Closed" registration usually in February or March. At that time we will also accept applications for Siblings of those current players. Siblings are given the next priority for any available spaces after the existing players are confirmed. New players and families looking to join Stanley Stick are invited to come to "Open" Registration which is typically held in April. Open registration is advertised on our web site, through word of mouth of existing members and in some local media. Our best estimates of the openings available at Open registration are posted on the web site at that time and included in advertisements - note these are estimates - not commitments. New players are only accepted at or after "Open" registration - not before - so registration forms are carefully controlled until that point.

After Open registration, new players can register for any remaining openings or can be added to any waiting lists. You can obtain a registration form by email or off the web site (if it is available) and submit a complete, signed form with a cheque attached to the mailing address shown at the top of the form. Waiting list entries are taken in order received with payment.

For more information about Open registration, Click Here.

When are players normally contacted at the start of the season?

Players are normally contacted the 2nd or 3rd week of September following a coaches meeting where team lists are distributed. If you are a returning player you should get a call at this time - if you were on the waiting list and your cheque was cashed you should also get a call. If your cheque has not been cashed, you may not be contacted until the end of September as we often have a few cancellations in the first week or two - so you may still get a call even if you have not heard anything by the end of September.

If I go on the waiting list, am I committed to join or can I change my mind if an opening comes up?

A deposit cheque in the full amount of registration fees is required to be put on the waiting list. The cheque will not be cashed unless and until you are accepted into the league. If an opening comes available and you are next on the list, your cheque will be cashed and you will be assigned to a team by the convener - you are NOT contacted first. If you change your mind before the cheque is cashed by our treasurer, notify us in writing (by email or to our mailing address), get a confirmation and we will withdraw you from the waiting list. If you change your mind after the cheque is cashed, the refund policy applies - minimum $50 administration fee to issue a refund. If you require the cheque to be returned please send us a stamped, self addressed envelope. Uncashed cheques are destroyed once the teams are final and the league has started - usually in October.

Why do we require a deposit cheque for the waiting list?

In past years when we have not insisted on a cheque to hold a spot, the waiting list got deceptively long and when offered a position often half the candidates had changed their mind and declined. As a result we were left with unfilled openings because others who were perhaps more serious declined to apply due to the length of the list. We want to ensure there is a degree of commitment by those on the waiting list.

Is the waiting list reset each season or is it carried over year to year?

The waiting list for each division is reset at the start of each year's registration process. Players on the waiting list are NOT carried over year over year. If you are not accepted in a given year you must re-register at open registration the following year.

How will I know if my child has been accepted from the waiting list?

When your deposit cheque is cashed you know that your child has been accepted - please note that this can happen anytime over the summer - even through September.

All cheques from open registration are forwarded to the conveners along with the registration forms. The convener has until the end of August to finalize teams - the cheque will only be cashed when your child is assigned to a team and the convener then forwards the cheque to the treasurer for deposit. So the cheque could be cashed anytime over the summer - even into September as we often have some player cancellations in September who will then be replaced from the waiting list. The open registration cheques are dated June 1st but are often not cashed until late in the summer.

When can you confirm if my child will or will not be accepted from the waiting list?

This depends on where your child is on the waiting list and on the convener's schedule. It could be as early as June or unfortunately, it may not be until September. If we know we have openings following our closed registration, and you are at the beginning of the list, we can confirm it as soon as the conveners have time to look at the numbers and the teams - which may be as early as some time in June. However if the convener has other sport commitments over the summer it may not be till August. If we have no immediate openings or you are in the middle or high on the list, then it depends on when and how many cancellations we receive for that division. People cancel throughout the summer and there are usually a few in each division that cancel in September when they are called by the coach. These cancellations are replaced by players from the waiting list - so as long as we get cancellations we will still be accepting new players from the list.

We understand your anxiety - we have all been there - this is how you get into the league - please be patient. Also please understand the conveners are volunteers who may have other community commitments over the summer and we will not generally put you in direct contact with them unless they so choose. We need to manage the demand on the volunteers time.

What happens to uncashed cheques from the waiting list?

Uncashed cheques are destroyed by the executive. If for any reason you require your cheque to be returned to you, we will ask you to send us a stamped, self addressed envelope.

What is the Refund policy?

Please fill out this Request for Refund document and submit to Stanley Stick. Key dates are as follows:

  • Prior to September 1st - $50 administration fee applied to all refunds
  • September 1 to October 31st - 50% refund less $50 administration fee
  • After October 31st - no refund except in case of sickness or injury

Exceptions at the discretion of the executive and those refunds will be issued in October after the start of the season.

Can I play in SSHA and be in other hockey leagues?

No. SSHA has a strict policy that does NOT allow players to be registered in another hockey or ringette league during the same season they are registered and playing in SSHA. The reason is to maximize the availability of sport for all children - we don't want to deny another child the right to play because the league is full with players who are playing in multiple leagues. School teams are not considered another league for this purpose.

Where and when does SSHA normally play?

Ice times are determined by the City of Guelph ice administration group - we cannot guarantee the schedule till we have agreement from the city and even then they have the right to make changes. Our constitution states that the league plays on weekends.

My child has never skated/played before. Can they join?

Yes. Our Learn to Skate program is geared at young children including those that may never have skated before and those that have some experience but are still learning the basics. The hockey divisions (Novice through Bantam) require the player to have some skating skills to start.

What accomodations do you provide girls?

SSHA encourages both boys AND girls to play in our league. There is a separate dressing room that is available for girls in the Atom, PeeWee, and Bantam divisions. Once they are geared up, they join the team in the primary dressing room for the pre-game chat.

What is SSHA's policy on players playing outside their normal age group?

Requests from parents to have players play outside their normal age group (be it at an older or a younger age) will not be granted if it means that another child will be denied the opportunity to play. That is, if the division where the parent wishes his son or daughter to play (target age) is full and has a waiting list, the request will be denied as it would mean that someone from the waiting list would be denied the opportunity to play. If the target age group has openings and no waiting list, then the request will be considered by the executive in consultation with the coach.

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