Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes SSHA different?

    There are many things that make Stanley Stick different. We focus on fun and fair play in all age groups. We focus on skill development but we do not focus on winning. SSHA does not keep any competitive statistics. We focus on respect - for ourselves, for our opponents, for the officials and for coaches and everyone involved. The league is non-contact and no slap shot in all ages to minimize the risk of injury. The league is operated entirely by volunteers and without office space to minimize the cost and thereby maximize the accessibility to good, fun sports for all. To keep the league sustainable with volunteers, we do control the size of the league to manage and simplify all aspects of administration.

  • What are the age groups for Stanley Stick Hockey?

    These are the age ranges and birth years for the various divisions within Stanley Stick for the 2018-2019 season:

    Age is determined by year of birth only.

  • What equipment is required to play?

    Full Hockey equipment is required for LTS and for all hockey divisions: Athletic cup/support, shin pads, socks with support, pants, skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, CSA approved helmet with face shield and BNQ approved neck guard. A mouth guard is optional but recommended - must be tethered or custom fitted.

    Jerseys and socks are provided by the league. Goalie equipment is also provided for each team by the league.

  • How do I properly fit a pair of skates?

    Skate sizes are not the same as shoe sizes! Skates typically fit one size smaller - ie I wear a size 10 shoe and a size 9 skate. With the skate laces loose - really loose (or removed) put your foot into the skates and push your foot forward to touch (just touch) the front of the boot. While standing in the skate with the toes just touching the front, you should be able to insert no more than one index finger between the back of the foot and the back of the boot - if you can get in two fingers they are too big - if one finger is tight that is ok as long as it feels comfortable when laced up and walking around. Remember skates also come in different widths - measure your child's foot for width fitting or base on experience - this is important to avoid blisters in the instep.

  • What is the proper length for a Hockey stick?

    With the player standing - wearing skates - holding the stick straight in front of the player - blade at your toes, front tip touching the floor - the stick should come no higher than the chin. Any taller and the blade will not rest properly on the ice. A bit shorter is ok.

  • Where and when does SSHA normally play?

    Ice times are determined by the City of Guelph ice administration group - we cannot guarantee the schedule until we have an agreement from the city and even then they have the right to make changes. Our constitution states that the league plays on weekends.

  • My child has never skated/played before. Can they join?

    Yes. Our Learn to Skate program is geared towards young children including those that may never have skated before or those that have some experience but are still learning the basics. For the hockey divisions (Tyke through Bantam) the player should have some skating skills to start.

  • What accommodations do you provide for girls?

    SSHA encourages both boys AND girls to play in our league. There is a separate dressing room that is available for girls in the Atom, Peewee, and Bantam divisions. Once they are geared up, they join the team in the primary dressing room for the pre-game chat.

  • Will I receive player and team photos?

    The SSHA contracts with an outside photographer every year to take photos of players and all the teams.  The date for these sessions will be communicated with as much advance notice as is possible via normal league email to your primary contact information.  It will also be posted on our website and Facebook page.  Due to the difficulties in scheduling between the photographer, all the teams and available ice time it is unlikely that Stanley Stick will be able to offer additional opportunities for photos if you miss your designated photo day.  In an effort to reduce our costs for providing photos and pass these savings back to you, the SSHA will no longer be handing out printed paper copies of photos.  Every player will now receive a free downloadable digital copy of their individual photo as well as a digital copy of their team photo for the year.    You are free to print your own copies of these digital files or distribute them to friends and families as you wish.