Goaltending and Goalie Clinics

When your child is going to be goalie next week...

  • They will be given the equipment to take home and try out. Have your child put on the equipment. This is a great time to adjust the straps to get the best fit. (Trust us, it's a lot easier to do it then, than 2 minutes before gametime).
  • If your child is lefthanded, and needs a right-handed catching glove and stick, let your coach know in advance. There is one of these per division.
  • Go down to the basement or a carpeted area and practice shooting or throwing pucks or balls at your "goalie". This will help him/her get comfortable moving around with the equipment. Hint: if possible, try to use a slightly harder object to throw at the catching glove, as tennis balls tend to bounce out.
  • Arrive at the rink at least 45 minutes for game time -- it may take that long to get dressed.
  • Pads have the logos and the vertical outer roll on the outside and the knee blocks which the goaltender lands on in the butterfly on the inside – this is how you tell right from left pad.
  • The laces to tie the pad to the skate should sit about an inch off of the toe (see image to the right). The boot strap which runs underneath the skate should also be loose – keep in mind many NHL goalies have eliminated this strap entirely. These two notes are extremely important as they allow the skate to move properly without it impacting the rotation of the pad.
  • All other straps can be left up to personal preference of the goaltender so long as they are not so tight they prevent the pad from rotating when dropping into the butterfly.

Goaltending Clinics

From time to time, goaltending clinics are made available to aspiring goalies. Our goaltending instructors provide high-quality instruction to goalies starting at the Novice division. Due to equipment limitations, enrollment is limited to one goalie per team, unless equipment can otherwise be arranged. Those interested in goalie clinics should contact your Head Coach.

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