Ramp Account Setup Instructions


Instructions for Participant Registration:

 1) Create your family account at Ramp Registration

 2) Click on 'My Family Members'  to expand the dropdown and then select  'Add a Family Member' as seen in the image below. Repeat this for each player you wish to register in Stanley Stick AND any parents or guardians. Be sure to enter your current email address as this will be our primary form of communication with you.


Ramp Instructions


3) Click 'Register' and then select 'Participant Registration' or click the big Orange Box on the right that says 'Participant'.

4) Complete the 'Participant Registration' and 'Waivers/Registration' notes page.

5) Complete the 'Parent/Guardian Information' page. Choose all parents/guardians who will be listed on the registration.

6) Complete the 'Questions' page.

7) Check the 'Confirm Details' page and then select your form of payment (credit card or email money transfer). Once you click 'Submit Registration' you are done and will receive an email confirmation immediately.

8) Complete steps 3 through 7 for each player registering with the SSHA.


Instructions for Coach Registration:

A) Complete steps 1 and 2 above.

B) Click 'Register' and then 'Coach/Staff Registration' or click the big Orange Box that says 'Coach/Staff Registration'.

C) Complete similar steps to 4 through 7 above, without the need for payment.


All coaches will require a valid Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC). SSHA will contact coaches in the spring regarding the VSC to advise of their VSC status (returning coaches) or provide instructions to obtain one (new coaches and those whose VSC has expired).