Our Objectives

The objectives of the Stanley Stick Hockey Association are:

  • To provide, promote and supervise an educational program of hockey excellence to the youth of Guelph and surrounding area.
  • To exemplify, teach and encourage personal integrity, respect for others, fair play, good sportsmanship and good citizenship.
  • To encourage high standards of personal discipline in areas of moral conduct, physical fitness, emotional self control, academic commitment, team play and family harmony.
  • To teach clearly the joy of giving all you can give to every aspect of the hockey program including mental preparation, practice, games, personal skill development and hockey theory.
  • To challenge and encourage our youth to win with humility and to lose with dignity.
  • To provide ice times in 2-hour blocks once a week on weekends.
  • To instill an element of fun in the game of hockey and ensure that every experience is positive and constructive.
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