GAME ON for 2020-2021 Season!

The 45th Anniversary of SSHA

We are committed to providing a fun, safe program for our players to enjoy this year.  While we are continuing work on our return-to-play protocol and will share full details of that shortly, the below gives the information we can share so far about how this season will operate.

Team sizes will be smaller than in the past as we must keep within the City's facility guidelines for the total number of participants, coaches and referees on the ice. One parent or guardian will be allowed to accompany players to the rink and they will have a designated area to observe from. The City guidelines do not allow for any siblings or additional family members in attendance. Players will need to come fully dressed with just skates, gloves and helmets to put on at the rink. There are some exceptions for goalies. Face masks must be worn at all times by all people within the City facilities and may only be removed by players as they enter the ice surface. Teams will be let in as a group and will exit after their ice time as a group. We will be taking attendance for contact tracing purposes, and there will be a mandatory standard screening questionnaire to be completed prior to your ice time each week. 

We are expecting a start date the last weekend in September or first weekend in October. As ice is in somewhat short supply this year we will have to schedule through the Christmas break and March break to get everything in. We will be issuing the schedule in three stages, allowing us to adapt and change if guidelines change throughout the season.

Hockey games will not look the same as prior years. Based on province wide guidelines set by the Ontario Hockey Federation, some of the larger changes from traditional hockey are as follows:

  • Smaller teams will lead to games being played as 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 depending on the division
  • Players and coaches must maintain social distancing while on the bench 
  • Players shall remain approximately one stick length apart on the ice. Accidental contact may occur.
  • Intentional body contact or body checking will result in player removal from the game. 
  • There will be no face-offs. Game play will include modified rules for determining puck possession at the start of a period, following goals, off sides, icing and other similar game occurrences.
  • If a scrum or gathering of players occurs, play will be stopped and the defending team will be given possession.

If the season is halted or becomes uneconomical due to changes in Provincial Government, Public Health or City of Guelph guidelines, SSHA will complete our year end financial analysis within 60 calendar days, including all expenditures known and anticipated up to May 31, 2021. If there is a positive balance (registration income minus total expenditures) greater than $75 per player then SSHA will provide a refund. If there is a positive balance but it is below $75 per player then a registration credit towards the 2021-2022 season will be provided.

For anyone looking to register please check out our registration page.