Not Receiving Our Newsletter Updates?

Are You using Gmail?


Recently we were advised that some of our members who may be using Gmail as their email provider might not be seeing our Constant Contact newsletters.


If you use Gmail have you enabled the Promotions Tab?

  • Google's algorithms can apparently identify our newsletters as coming from an internet marketing provider and thus sends them directly to your promotions folder.  If you don't check this regularily, you might be missing out on important SSHA league communications.


What can you do to make sure you are getting all the information you need?

  • If you don't mind the possibility of having other promotional emails end up in your inbox, you could simply turn the Promotions Tab off.
  • You could create a filter for our newsletter or announcements from Constant Contact so they go directly to your inbox.
  • You can apparently just drag an email from your Promotions Tab into your Primary Inbox and Gmail will send all similar future emails there instead.
  • A quick online search should help you accomplish any of these solutions.


This is something administered by Google and their Gmail algorithms.  We unfortunately have no control over these actions.